Official rules of the promotional prize draw for users subscribed to the Italvinus newsletter

Date when last updated: 01 September 2014

Italvinus, with the company name ITALVINUS S.R.L. and the company address Via Roma, 16 - 26012 Castelleone (CR, Italy), is organising a promotional event by the means of a random prize draw intended for users subscribed to its newsletter.

1. Object of the prize draw rules

With the objective of encouraging the registration of new users, Italvinus is organising the prize draw of a bottle of wine (to the approximate value of 60-100 €) among all users subscribed to its newsletter and in accordance with the terms and conditions established in these rules.

2. Promotion period

This promotional event will be open to all those users who are subscribed to the Italvinus newsletter at the time of the prize draw, whose date of occurrence will be made public, with due advance notification, on the Italvinus Facebook page (

3. Conditions for participation

To participate in the prize draw you must be an adult, legally of age, and be listed as a subscriber to the Italvinus newsletter at the time of the draw. A user's place of residence will not be taken into account but, should it arise for the winner, the prize will only be delivered to those countries which Italvinus usually serves: Spain (the whole mainland, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla); all EU countries (except the Azores and Madeira; the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernsey; and the French overseas departments and territories, DOM and TOM); Andorra and Switzerland. Excluded from this prize draw are all those who work for or collaborate with both Italvinus and their subsidiaries, as well as their family members, and any other person connected to this prize draw.

4. Procedure and method of participation

In order to participate in the prize draw it is necessary to be subscribed to the Italvinus newsletter. Subscription to the newsletter and participation in the prize draw imply that the user has access to a valid email address and duly confirms and completes their application. Italvinus reserves the right to reject of its own accord and without prior notice any entry that might appear fraudulent. Only one entry will be allowed per person. To choose the winner, a random prize draw will be held by means of a computer program among all the emails registered in the newsletter's database.

5. Prizes

The draw will take place among all registered users for a bottle of wine to the estimated value of between 60 and 100 €. The prize will not be transferable, nor its value exchangeable for cash. Costs of delivering the prize will be free of charge for conveyance on the Spanish mainland; a prize destined for the Balearic Islands, Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla and to other countries will benefit from a proportionate discount in cost. In the case of conveyance to Switzerland, Andorra and any other destination subject to import duties or local taxes, such liabilities, as well as any extra charges will be the responsibility of the Customer on arrival.

6. Contacting the winner

Communication with the winner will be carried out by means of an email and the name, surname and address will be requested to which Italvinus should proceed with delivering the prize. Should it transpire that the winner cannot be contacted, or refuses the prize, or that a period of 3 days has passed after duly informing the winner who does not then respond, the draw will be held again.

7. Announcing the winner

The result of the draw will be notified by email to the winner and, once contact has been made with that person and having duly obtained their permission, Italvinus reserves the right to publish their name on the Italvinus Facebook page (

8. Contents

Italvinus reserves the right to request from the winner a photograph taken with the bottle of wine within a period of 7 days from its delivery and to publish it for promotional purposes on the Italvinus Facebook page ( By participating in the prize draw, the winner grants Italvinus permission for the maximum period allowable under applicable legislation, to utilise, adapt and publish the photographs.

9. Data protection and confidentiality

The data provided by users must be their own and correct. The owner is the only person responsible for the falseness or incorrectness of any of the information supplied which could cause harm or damage to Italvinus or third parties.

For its part, and in accordance with what is established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, concerning the protection of personal data (LOPD), and its implementing regulations, ITALVINUS S.R.L. guarantees the security and confidentiality of the personal data provided by users, which will be incorporated into an automated file and used solely and exclusively for the specified purposes. At any moment, users will be able to exercise their rights of access, correction or deletion. For further information, please consult Italvinus Security policy and Privacy Policy.

Italvinus states that it does not use cookies to obtain personal data. Italvinus only utilises cookies for storing technical information for the purpose of browsing and accessing the website.

10. Miscellaneous

The prize draw is subject to the General Conditions of Use and Sale, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies and Internet Advertising policy adhered to by Italvinus. Merely by participating in the prize draw implies that the user totally accepts the terms and conditions of these legal and official rules.