Box Caspagnolo 6 bottles

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Box Caspagnolo 6 bottles
Produced from a blend of Sangiovese and small quantities of Merlot from the winery's vineyards, this historic wine for the Tuscany region is easy to drink, with a warm, well-balanced flavor, with harmonious roundness in the tannins, fruity aroma with notes of currants and violets and with a bright ruby red color. Ready immediately, it is suitable for wide use in gastronomic combinations.
6 x Villa Poggio Salvi Chianti Caspagnolo 2019 (Unit price: 7.80 € / Price for this pack: 6.63 €)

Red wine
Villa Poggio Salvi, Chianti (Italy)
Grape varieties: Sangiovese, Merlot

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