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Cava Freixenet Carta Nevada Semisec


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Nota di degustazione

  • Colore:Brillante / Limpido / Giallo / Riflessi dorati / Bollicina piccola
  • Fragranza:Fiori bianchi / Frutta fresca / Note fruttate / Note floreali / Pulito / Franco
  • Palato:Strutturato / Fresco / Buona acidità / Note floreali / Carbonico ben integrato / Di personalità / Croccante

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da: simarge (23/1/2018)

Good cava

In Italy there is only the Brut. This is much nicer and goes well with the whole meal. Impeccable Vinissimuss service. I buy it back

da: Tim Farley, UK (23/11/2017)

When it’s nice, it’s gorgeous

This can be a really lovely semi-sec Cava and I have it quite often and the only downside is that it can be just a little variable. Most of the time it’s great but every so often I’ll get a batch that is not quite so good - a little sour or a little woody. I wonder if it’s an age thing - maybe some bottles have been on the shelf a bit longer than others ??? It’s only a guess, I have no idea really - but I will continue to order it because, for the money, it’s still either just good or very often excellent.

da: Christine (25/4/2019)

Fantastic Cava

This cava is full of flavour, semi dry, having just a hint of sweetness. It's lovely on its own and fantastic with a little freshly squeezed orange juice on a hot day, the perfect sundowner.

da: Margy (19/5/2017)

The taste of summer in Spain!

This is my favourite cava.It is light, sweet and bubbly.I was unable to locate it in a local shop so looked on line.I am very happy to have found Vinissimus and will order from them again.

da: Linda Marland (8/7/2020)

Sparkling Cava

Marvelous easy to drink with anything sparkling wine. Lovely for summer evenings. With fantastic service from vinissimuss.

Cava di Freixenet


La storia di Freixenet risale al 1861, anno in cui iniziò l'attività dell’azienda Casa Sala, predecessore della famiglia Freixenet, fondata da Francesc Sala Farrés, a cui successe il figlio Joan. Nel 1911, l'erede di Casa Sala, Dolores Sala Vivé, sposò il più giovane della famiglia Ferrer de la Freixeneda, Pedro Ferrer Bosch, soprannominato il Freixenet; la coppia, insieme a Joan Sala, ha a quel punto iniziato a produrre spumant...

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